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Our goal is to coordinate the entire process, beginning with scheduling the IME or related service(s), providing a professional and independent objective analysis through a network of board certified physicians and health care professionals, and ending with an optimal quality and punctual document for either the plaintiff or the defense.

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Our team of experts are fully accredited, board-certified medical professionals, with a distinguished quality that sets us apart from other medical evaluation companies.
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The board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals of The IME Care Center provide comprehensive, objective and prompt medical evaluation services. The process begins when you schedule an appointment — The IME Care Center makes scheduling an independent medical evaluation or related service easy and fast. Select our fields below and secure a specialist, service, type of injury and timeframe today. We’ll be in touch promptly to confirm your appointment or services request.

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The board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals of The IME Care Center provide thorough, objective exams and excellent reporting services.
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The IME Care Center provides more than independent medical exams. Our comprehensive evaluation services include video and oral depositions, addendums, record reviews, functional capacity exams and more.
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The IME Care Center provides Independent Medical Exam services for many types of injuries, ranging from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injuries, and Work-Related Injuries.
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The IME Care Center provides prompt service and scheduling during timeframes that accommodate your needs.

Independent Medical Evaluations in Central PA and Beyond

When it comes to managing the expenses associated with medical claims, it isn’t always easy to get physicians, claimants, attorneys and insurance professionals on the same page. Whether your client’s illness or injury resulted from an accident at work, at home or on the road, an independent medical exam can bridge the gap between the relevant parties and secure a successful outcome.

The IME Care Center is a full-service, independent medical examination company serving the Carlisle, Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Sunbury, PA regions and beyond. When you choose our independent medical evaluation company, you and your party will receive a thorough and objective examination from a Board-certified physician or a certified healthcare professional. Our resources can help you expedite the claim process, and establish a standard procedure for managing expenses — efficiently and cost-effectively.

IME Care Center Services

The IME Care Center is a medical evaluation company that performs a wide variety of independent exams, reviews and services on a timely and efficient basis.

  • Independent examinations—The independent exam provides an objective medical opinion on the current medical status of the claimant following an in-person evaluation. We detail the treatment history and pre-existing conditions of your client, and provide an opinion on how they relate to the incident in question. The examination process may also include relevant testing.
  • Medical record review— The medical record review is an independent evaluation of the claimant’s medical status based upon medical records. The record review is often performed prior to the independent examination.
  • Video and oral deposition— A Board-certified physician or certified healthcare professional at The IME Care Center may provide an independent opinion on video or in person with regard to the medical status of the claimant during a certain period of time.
  • Functional capacity evaluation—If the ability of the claimant to perform certain tasks is in question, the IME Care Center may perform a functional capacity evaluation, including completing physical capability forms. If necessary, we’ll provide an Impairment Rating Evaluation or assessment of disability.
  • Cold case resolution— Let The IME Care Center help you clear backlog by helping to resolve cold cases.
  • Narratives, forms and addendums—The IME Care Center also provides independent narratives and addendums that can support your case. If you need forms completed by a medical expert, the Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals at The IME Care Center are happy to accommodate your needs.

Thorough and Objective Reporting

At The IME Care Center, we recognize every claimant’s case is unique. The Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals of The IME Care Center are qualified experts who have experience in a broad range of disciplines. We cover orthopedics, occupational medicine, ophthalmology, family medicine, general surgery and more. Every opinion we provide is based on a commitment to professionalism and integrity. This helps us provide the best service possible to the clients we serve and the claimants who visit our offices.

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When you need an expert, independent medical examination to resolve an insurance claim problem or legal dispute, call the IME Care Center. We can provide you with the independent medical opinions you need to resolve your most difficult cases.

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