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Third-Party Administrators

IME Services for Third-Party Administrators

Experienced independent medical examination companies like the IME Care Center work with third-party administrators (TPAs) to minimize claim costs by streamlining communication lines between injured claimants, employers and, if applicable, medical providers. When a Central Pennsylvania TPA needs an objective IME to determine the extent of a client’s disability, they contact us immediately to schedule an IME with a doctor specializing in conditions relevant to the client’s injury.

Worker’s Compensation and Auto Injury Cases and IMEs

For third-party administrators managing worker’s comp and auto injury cases, an independent medical examination can:

  • Determine whether the claim is valid or questionable
  • Determine if injured workers may be able to retire
  • Determine the severity of a claimant’s disabilities for compensation purposes
  • Provide a variance IME, or second opinion, if necessary
  • Determine if one or more pre-existing injuries exist that exacerbate the injury

The IME Care Center provides objective reports on demand supported by quality assurance protocols that are in place before, during and after the exam. These procedures include provider credentialing and recruitment, appointment confirmation and notification, records analysis and retrieval and many other functions critical to superior IME services.

IMEs and Narrative Letters for TPAs

Narrative letters are detailed summaries about patients who have been examined by a physician at The IME Care Center. Covering a patient’s prognosis, diagnosis and treatment history, narrative letters are useful to third-party administrators, such as attorneys who need a strong prototype for an oral deposition or defense attorneys wanting to prove the validity of their client’s injuries or disabilities.

IMEs and Utilization Reviews for TPAs

Many third-party administrators contacting The IME Care Center require utilization reviews (URs) as part of their case management presentation. Meant to determine whether a certain treatment is necessary, a UR is composed of data culled from a person’s medical records that show unequivocally if requested medical services are inappropriate or reasonable and useful.

We Are Here to Assist Third-Party Administrators with Professionally Conducted IMEs

When you partner with the IME Care Center, you will receive professional, objective and detailed medical examinations conducted according to standardized protocols and regulations. Our impressive roster of physicians specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology and many other fields provides superior documentation essential to resolving your claim or case.

In addition to oral or video depositions, our doctors are experienced in creating record reviews, performing cold case resolution procedures, writing narrative letters, developing utilization reviews and providing functional capacity evaluations to fully support the validity of physical or mental disabilities.

We serve third-party administrators working throughout Central Pennsylvania, including in the cities of Camp Hill, Sunbury and Carlisle. Find out more about IME Care Center services for third-party administrators by calling us today at 717-901-4225 or 884-633-3825.