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IME Services for Law Firms in Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, and Surrounding Areas

Obtaining independent, objective medical evaluations from qualified physicians is essential to lawyers winning personal injury cases. Clients suffering physical or mental problems due to the negligence of another are awarded compensation only if the attorney can prove the legitimacy of their clients’ injuries. This scenario nearly always demands the expertise of Central Pennsylvania’s IME Care Center where lawyers and their injured clients benefit significantly from having unbiased medical evaluations support their work-related, personal injury or motor vehicle accident claims. The IME Care Center offers a wide range of IME services and experienced physicians providing quality reporting to law firms, helping to resolve claims quickly and with minimal expense.


What Counselors Should Know About IME Services for Attorneys

An independent medical examination (IME) does not involve medical treatment or getting a second opinion from another healthcare professional. The main objective of an IME is to gather detailed medical information regarding a person’s overall health status based on a comprehensive evaluation performed by doctors specializing in a certain field of medical care. To assist attorneys practicing in Sunbury, Carlisle and Camp Hill, we offer physicians skilled in cardiology, neurology, occupational medicine, psychiatry, orthopedics and many other medical categories.

During an IME, our doctors will interview your client to learn why, when and how the injury occurred and about health issues arising immediately after the injury. In addition to conducting a medical examination of your client, an IME doctor will continuously observe your client to determine whether the client is being deceptive in presenting physical or mental injuries. Lawyers and their clients should be aware that physicians at The IME Care Center have years of experience evaluating individuals.

IME services for lawyers also include a review of client imaging scans — such as CT, MRI or x-ray — so the physician can develop a report describing valid manifestations of an injury’s affect on the body. The client’s subjective summary of their discomfort and pain is also noted so our doctors can compare what they see on imaging scans to what the client claims to be feeling. Lifestyle choices are also discussed, such as smoking, drinking, dietary choices and level of physical activity practiced by the client that may impact the severity of the injury.

The IME Care Center is Central Pennsylvania’s leading independent medical examination resource for attorneys, insurance companies, case management companies, third-party administrators and all other entities requiring unbiased, professional medical exam reports to further a claim or case. We provide an expanding roster of board-certified physicians specializing in a variety of health fields who also perform depositions, write narrative letters, develop functional capacity evaluations and deliver utilization reviews. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call IME Care Center today at 717-901-4225 or 884-633-3825 or request a service online.