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Insurance Companies

IME Services for Insurance Companies

Individuals claiming to have medical issues that prevent them from performing normal job duties need to undergo an independent medical examination before receiving compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies covering employers, vehicle drivers and other entities requiring insurance to cover potential injuries should utilize established IME services to eliminate the risk of paying people who may be malingering or exaggerating their injuries.

The IME Care Center provides experienced physicians specializing in a wide variety of medical fields to conduct objective examinations. During an independent medical examination, doctors gather information pertinent to a claim, including:

  • Cause of the injury.
  • Severity of the injury. For example, a linear fracture is less serious than a spiral fracture, which may need prolonged rehabilitation.
  • Assessment of symptoms as expressed by the individual.
  • Treatment prescribed immediately following the injury. This information may be used to support a physician’s assertion that treatment worsened the condition.
  • Detailed report describing the individual’s past medical history.
  • Evaluation of the individual’s overall physical and mental condition. For example, how do the symptoms reported by the individual compare to their behaviors? Is the pain and disability as severe as the individual claims them to be?

All notes taken by physicians offering IME services for insurance carriers are drafted neatly into legal medical reports for use in court cases implemented to determine claim outcomes. These IME reports also help courts decide on an amount commiserate to a person’s injuries.

Although the majority of disability, accident and worker’s compensation claims are valid, some medical issues may not completely impair a person’s ability to work and earn income. While a back injury may prevent someone from lifting 25 pounds, it may not prevent them from taking a desk job that requires no lifting. Having the support of IME services for insurance companies means your insurance agency will not pay any more than is necessary to a claimant.

Why Choose The IME Care Center?

In addition to providing prompt, professionally created, objective medical reports to insurance companies in Central Pennsylvania, The IME Care Center also excels in developing functional capacity evaluations, utilization reviews, narrative letters and cold case resolutions directed by occupational medicine doctors who assist in completing stalled liability, auto or worker’s compensation cases.

We also ensure workflow and procedural requirements are satisfied according to state and/or jurisdiction legal/medical regulations. Additionally, proprietary company and health data adhere to federal privacy protocols and standards defined in the HITECH and HIPPA Acts.

Learn more about our independent medical examination services and expedited turnaround times by calling the IME Care Center today at 717-901-4225 or 884-633-3825. We provide IME services for insurance carriers throughout Central Pennsylvania, including Camp Hill, Carlisle and Sunbury, PA.