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IME Services for Employers

While most employees would never file a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim, the risk for an employer to be hit with a bogus claim at any time still exists. The main motive compelling some employees to pretend they can’t perform their job duties is free money. Dishonest employees working a second job or a side business may research worker’s compensation and decide to pretend they were hurt on their main job to receive extra money and a vacation. When employers and their insurance company suspect an employee is faking a disabling condition, they sometimes hire private detectives to follow the employee around to see if they are performing activities they say they cannot do.

Unfortunately, trying to find out if an employee on worker’s comp is really not hurt takes a lot of time and money most employers don’t have. Utilizing IME services for employers provided by our independent medical examination company takes much less time, much less money and offers solid evidence of malingering for court purposes.

When an Employer Needs an IME

IMEs are required when insurance companies processing worker’s comp claims must have one to determine the claim’s status. Employees are mandated to attend an IME if asked, or they risk invalidating their claim. In addition, employers can request medical information from non-IME physicians caring for employees who have been hurt on the job. This is to ensure the employee’s injury is genuine and will impact their attendance.

Employers do not have to accept vague doctor’s notes from employees who claim they have been sickened or injured due to work-related elements. Notes that say “he cannot work for medical reasons” or “she is off work for 10 days” are legally insufficient. Additionally, employers can also question notes written by non-IME doctors stating the employee should be on “restricted duty.” Even medical certificates containing details about an employee’s physical or mental health, their prognosis and return to work information can be questioned by employers who doubt the validity of a worker’s comp claim.

Central PA Employers Minimize Worker’s Compensation Claims With The IME Care Center’s Services

We have dozens of board-certified doctors specializing in a variety of medical fields to conduct independent medical examinations on employees claiming to have been hurt on the job. If you are dealing with a worker’s compensation case in the Sunbury, Harrisburg, Carlisle or Camp Hill, PA areas, contact us today for prompt attention to your IME requests. Start resolving troublesome claims today by calling the IME Care Center at 844-633-3825 to receive independent medical exams essential for proving or disproving worker’s compensation claims.