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Case Management Companies

IME Services for Case Management Companies

Unless an independent medical examination is properly coordinated by objective physicians, claims resolutions may be lengthy, costly or ultimately dismissed by the courts. Finding qualified IME doctors, supplying reports and records necessary to resolve claims and aptly handling communication between claimants and IME providers could be frustrating and time-consuming for case management companies.

As a leading provider of IME services for case management companies in Central Pennsylvania, the IME Care Center offers a comprehensive roster containing independent medical examination physicians skilled in delivering detailed reports. We will help your company process worker’s compensation and other injury claims as expeditiously as possible and present the kind of professional results you need and expect.

An integral aspect in determining case outcomes involving workplace or non-workplace personal injury, IME services for injury case management companies brings impartial physicians to claims requiring outside perspectives. We connect our clients with physicians specializing in the type of injury affecting a claimant so case management companies can provide superior services to insurance agencies, lawyers and other entities involved in injury compensation cases.

Case Management Companies and Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) assess a person’s capacity to perform their usual, work-related tasks. Specifically, an FCE performed by one of our physicians compares the person’s physical and mental health status to the demands of their work environment. Well-designed FCEs like the ones we offer consist of an array of standardized evaluations offering results of performance-based testing.

In addition, our FCEs demonstrate predictive values regarding the ability of a person to return to full or partial work duties. Case management companies providing quantified information describing their client’s level of functioning when it comes to standing, sitting, climbing, walking, reaching, lifting, etc. is much more likely to have claims favor their judgments.

A component of functional capacity evaluations, residual functional capacity evaluations determine what a person can do despite their physical and/or mental limitations. Residual functional capacities do not show the least a person can do but rather the most they can do despite limitations.

Our IME services for case management companies include the following testing elements:

  • Intake assessment and interview
  • Musculoskeletal examination
  • Positional tolerance testing
  • Aerobic capacity testing
  • Performance consistency exam

The intake interview is especially important because it provides the physician with a revealing first impression. Patient demographics, treatment and medical history, subjective pain description and baseline BP/HR measurements are taken during the intake interview.

In addition to worker’s compensation, FCEs are useful to case management companies when dealing with clients who are applying for social security supplemental/disability benefits or for employers who suspect an employee returning to work is exaggerating their condition.

Learn more about IME Care Center services for case management companies by calling us today at 717-901-4225 or 884-633-3825. We provide independent medical examinations for case management businesses operating throughout Central Pennsylvania, including the cities of Sunbury, Carlisle and Camp Hill, PA.