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Work-Related Injuries

Independent Medical Examinations for Workers’ Compensation in Central PA

When an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance covers some expenses. However, what sounds simple on paper doesn’t always proceed efficiently in practice. When a workers’ compensation dispute arises, an independent medical examination (IME) can get insurance professionals, employers, attorneys and physicians on the same page. Independent medical exams also help resolve the claim quickly, saving important resources such as time and money. Independent medical examinations for work related injuries are available to both the plantiff and the defense.

At The IME Care Center, our Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals provide comprehensive, independent medical exams for workers’ compensation claims in the Camp Hill, Carlisle, Harrisburg and Sunbury, PA region. When you and your client choose The IME Care Center for your independent medical exam needs, you’ll get prompt service and a thorough and objective review. You’ll also gain a partner that will help you settle disputes and establish protocol in a resource-efficient manner.

IME Care Center Services

The IME Care Center provides several services that can help your client resolve a workers’ compensation claim. These include:

  • Independent medical examination— During the independent medical exam, our Board-certified physician or healthcare professional will examine the claimant and provide an objective medical opinion on his status following an evaluation of treatment history and preexisting conditions. The independent medical exam may also include further testing as required.
  • Medical record review—The first step in many consultations is the medical record review. A Board-certified physician or certified healthcare professional from The IME Care Center will evaluate the status of the claimant based upon the existing medical record.
  • Video and oral deposition—In many workers’ compensation cases, testimony is required to record the independent medical opinion. The IME Care Center can provide video and oral testimony that thoroughly and objectively describes the medical status of the claimant.
  • Functional capacity evaluation— One of the most important evaluations of the claimant is functional capacity. When the ability of the claimant to perform work tasks is in question, it strongly affects his ability to receive workers’ compensation payments. Our Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals can provide an Impairment Rating Evaluation, in addition to completing necessary forms relating to assessment of disability.
  • Cold case resolution— Don’t let old cases backlog your workload. The IME Care Center can help you resolve cold cases. Although a one-time IME can resolve many cases, other cases are not so clear. Instead of having cold cases linger in the system, you can partner with The IME Care Center and put our cold case resolution service to work for your clients. To achieve a prompt resolution of your cold case, we’ll meet with your client on more than one occasion. We’ll review the case, determine any additional treatment needed and send your client for the treatment. Finally, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report. When a single IME doesn’t resolve your case, our cold case resolution system may provide the extra support needed to do so.
  • Narratives, forms and addendums— Workers’ compensation claims are usually accompanied by supporting paperwork. The IME Care Center can provide you with independent narratives and addendums. We can also complete necessary forms.

Thorough, Objective Reporting and Prompt Service

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, our physicians know that every case is unique. IME Care Center is staffed by physicians and health professionals who work in a broad range of disciplines. When you partner with us, you’ll get expert medical opinions from professionals with experience in fields as diverse as orthopedics, general surgery and ophthalmology. We provide the best service possible to our clients because we base our practice on the principles of integrity and professionalism. That means you can trust us to do our job right.

Resolve Workers’ Compensation Claims in the Camp Hill and Carlisle Region Efficiently

Instead of letting a workers’ compensation dispute spiral out of control, call or contact The IME Care Center. We’ll provide you with the prompt and thorough evaluations you need to resolve your most difficult cases.