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Personal Injuries

Independent Medical Exams for Personal Injury Claims in Central PA

When one person suffers injury or harm because of the actions of another party, a personal injury lawsuit may occur. The result of an independent medical exam (IME) is important evidence in every case where illness or injury plays a role — a doctor’s opinion can also influence awarded damages. If your client is either the plaintiff or the defense and needs an independent medical exam in the Carlisle, Camp Hill, Harrisburg or Sunbury, PA region, the Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals at the IME Care Center can help.

The Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals of the IME Care Center provide thorough and unbiased medical evaluations to attorneys, insurance professionals and other parties with an interest in your personal injury claim. Independent medical exams give you the information you need to proceed — whether that’s going to trial, offering a settlement or dropping the case altogether. IME Care Center can also help you resolve personal injury claims faster, meaning you can save more money by getting help from us sooner.

Independent Evaluations and Services

Prompt, unbiased and thorough independent medical exams and supporting services are what we do at The IME Care Center. When you partner with The IME Care Center, you’ll gain the information you need to settle disputes in a time-efficient way. You’ll also establish a protocol that makes resolving future disputes more efficient. The services provided by The IME Care Center include:

  • Independent medical examination— The independent medical evaluation is one of the most important pieces of evidence in a personal injury case. A Board-certified physician or certified healthcare professional from The IME Care Center will examine the plaintiff, establish past medical history, evaluate the treatment received because of the injury, and provide an unbiased opinion. If necessary, the independent exam will include additional testing.
  • Medical record review— In some cases, a medical record review is all that is necessary to establish an independent opinion. In some cases, the record review precedes the examination.
  • Video and oral deposition— If necessary, a physician from The IME Care Center will testify in-person or on video as to the medical status of the plaintiff.
  • Functional capacity evaluation— The Impairment Rating Evaluation evaluates the plaintiff’s ability to perform tasks such as work, activities of daily living, and other important metrics that measure personal injury damages. The IME Care Center can evaluate the severity of the plaintiff’s impairment thoroughly and objectively.
  • Narratives, forms and addendums— If your personal injury case requires a narrative or addendum, The IME Care Center may be able to help. We can also complete necessary forms related to the medical condition of the plaintiff.
  • Cold-case resolutions— If you have an unresolved case sitting in the system, our cold-case resolution service may be able to help. While a single IME can resolve many cases, other situations are not as cut and dry. Instead of leaving cold cases lingering, take advantage of our cold-case services that could provide a timely resolution. We’ll meet with your client to determine the additional treatment that he or she should receive. Then, we’ll send your client for treatment as well as draft a comprehensive report. Our cold-case resolution service often includes meeting with your client several times instead of the typical one-time IME.

Prompt, Objective and Thorough Medical Opinions

The physicians at The IME Care Center have experience in a broad range of disciplines. We can evaluate the plaintiff’s medical status as it relates to overall health and lifestyle, or a problem specific to the case. When you work with The IME Care Center, you’ll get prompt and professional service, because we operate with integrity.

When a personal injury case requires an independent medical opinion, contact The IME Care Center for more information.