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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Independent Medical Exams for Car Accidents in Central PA

Getting in a car accident has enormous repercussions for the seriously injured individual. Car accident victims not only suffer property damage, but their injuries often result in pain, depression and anxiety, lost income and more. When an injury resulting from a car accident is the cause of a legal dispute, an independent medical exam can set the record straight for either the plaintiff or the defense.

The IME Care Center provides independent medical evaluations to individuals involved in a claim or legal dispute. With our expert and objective opinion, you and your client can decide how to proceed with your case. Expert medical opinion can also provide guidance for juries and judges deciding financial damages. If the car accident injury occurred on the job, our independent medical testimony can also assist in determining eligibility for workers’ compensation. Whether you go to trial, dismiss the case or attempt to settle is up to you, but the information we give you can help you save time and money.

The Professionals at The IME Care Center Are Prompt, Unbiased and Thorough

When you partner with The IME Care Center, you’ll work with Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals who put the meaning of integrity into practice every day. Our prompt, unbiased and thorough opinions will give you the information you need to resolve your dispute quickly. The IME Care Center also provides additional supporting services that will make addressing future disputes more manageable. The services provided by The IME Care Center include:

  • Independent medical examination—During the independent medical exam, one of our professionals will examine the plaintiff. We’ll collect his medical history and ask about prior treatment for the injuries in question. We’ll also order additional testing, if necessary.
  • Medical record review—In some cases, the plaintiff is not available for an independent medical evaluation. In others, an independent exam is not necessary. A medical record review from The IME Care Center can provide your client with a reliable third-party opinion.
  • Video and oral deposition— Expert medical testimony is powerful evidence in every car accident case. The professionals at The IME Care Center can help establish the medical status of the plaintiff with in-person and videotaped deposition.
  • Functional capacity evaluation—How have the injuries resulting from the car accident affected the future health and lifestyle of the plaintiff? Measuring impairment, or the ability to perform tasks such as activities of daily living or working, is an essential part of every medical evaluation. We can assess the health and well-being of your client thoroughly and fairly.
  • Narratives, forms and addendums— The IME Care Center is also available to support your client with professional narrative and addendum services. We can also complete important medical forms requiring the signature of a doctor.

Call the IME Care Center for More Information

At The IME Care Center, our physicians and certified healthcare professionals have experience in a broad range of disciplines in the Carlisle, Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Sunbury, PA regions. We can examine your client, and provide a prompt and thorough evaluation. Our professional services can help you resolve your existing case and establish a better protocol for similar issues in the future. Because we operate with integrity, you can trust our independent medical opinions to be thorough, truthful and fair.

When an injury resulting from a car accident requires an independent medical opinion for a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, contact The IME Care Center to schedule a consultation or schedule an appointment today.