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Leading Independent Medical Review Organization in Central PA

If you need to determine the cause, extent or required medical treatment for a work-related injury or an accident potentially caused by the negligence of another, you need an independent medical review. Employers and attorneys often use medical records reviews as a first step in an independent medical review (IME) process or in place of an IME if obtaining one is not possible. Our physicians provide evaluations at the request of the plaintiff or defense.

At the IME Care Center, our board-certified physicians and healthcare professionals perform in-depth reviews of all medical records to provide an accurate and timely report. You can count on your medical record review to be comprehensive and independent. With a medical records review by one of our board-certified physicians, you can build your case with the strongest foundation possible.

What Does a Record Review Involve?

During a records review, a medical doctor will examine and evaluate all of the records relating to a person’s injury or condition. While a records review can address many of the same issues as an IME, it typically focuses on the medical care — what is necessary and reasonable medical care for the case in question.

With an in-depth record review, you get a complete scope of the claim. The evaluating physician will address any issues in question by examining all records on the case. A records review will cover all case or claim aspects, including:

  • Imaging reviews
  • Peer file reviews
  • Return to work negotiation
  • Pharmacy medical necessity reviews
  • Medical necessity reviews

Do I Need a Medical Records Review?

If you need to determine that a proposed medical treatment is necessary — including its duration and frequency — a medical records review can be invaluable to your case or claim. A medical records review is also one of the best ways to interpret all information on an injury file, from the cause to the extent. You’ll get the full picture of the case while identifying any discrepancies.

A medical records review can help you clarify all aspects of a medical claim or case, including:

  • Injury and treatment history
  • How the incident could or could not have caused the diagnosis
  • Any conditions that existed before the incident and how they could have affected the condition or injury
  • Maximum medical improvement
  • Permanency of injury
  • Any documents in the file that are missing medical information
  • Gaps in treatment or inconsistencies in statements and complaints
  • Referrals for medical treatment that are not standard or are inappropriate
  • IME recommendations
  • The necessity, duration and frequency of treatment

Why Choose the IME Care Center for Your Independent Medical Review in Central PA

When you choose the IME Care Center for your medical records review, you’ll have a board-certified physician who specializes in the nature of the injury or condition reviewing all details of the case. With prompt scheduling and service, you can move your claim along and find resolution faster. We serve the Carlisle, Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Sunbury, PA regions.

Your records review from the IME Care Center will be an objective, quality report you can use to build your case. For more information on how a medical records review can reveal the specifics of your case, contact the IME Care Center today.