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 Medical Depositions

Medical Depositions in Harrisburg, Camp Hill and Surrounding Areas

The medical deposition is one of the most important parts of any trial where injury or illness has resulted from the actions of another party. Having a reliable expert witness is absolutely essential and can make all the difference in your case. At The IME Care Center, our Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals are well-qualified to provide expert medical testimony in a broad range of disciplines for both the plaintiff or the defense. Our team coordinates the process to provide you with a timely and professional independent analysis and documentation for your case.

In addition to medical testimony, The IME Care Center provides independent medical evaluations, functional capacity evaluations, medical record reviews, and narratives and addendums. When you partner with The IME Care Center, you and the party you represent will get thorough and unbiased medical opinions, provided promptly and professionally.

What Happens During Medical Deposition

A medical deposition is sworn testimony that takes place before all parties and their attorneys. The deposition may also take place on video instead of in-person. During the deposition, the attorneys will evaluate and establish our credibility as witnesses. It is normal procedure for other attorneys to ask about a physician’s qualifications during testimony. Because the IME Care Center staff is comprised of Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals, our collective reputation for reliability is well-established.

Prior to testimony, we’ll prepare for deposition by reviewing the medical records and meeting with counsel. This medical records review will include an evaluation of preexisting conditions and treatment for the current injury or illness. We may also perform an independent medical examination, which may or may not include testing, to form an unbiased opinion of the plaintiff’s medical status. During the deposition, The IME Care Center will answer the questions asked truthfully and thoroughly.

Some commonly discussed topics during medical depositions include:

  • Medical background—These questions cover topics such as education, licensure, certifications and professional memberships. It may also include hospital affiliations or teaching responsibilities.
  • Basic experience—These questions may ask about published research or ongoing studies. They may also include questions about past experiences testifying during lawsuits.
  • Experience with the relevant medical issue— The attorneys may ask about our experience with the condition or injury as well as treatment. These questions typically make up the bulk of the testimony. Our professionals will be prepared to thoroughly and objectively discuss the medical status of the plaintiff. We’ll also be prepared to explain information in the medical record, confidently and accurately.

You Can Count on The IME Care Center

When you partner with The IME Care Center, you’ll work with a physician or healthcare professional who understands that every case and patient is unique. You can count on us to research the relevant medical record thoroughly, and answer every question you may have accurately and  with integrity. This unwavering commitment to professionalism is what sets IME Care Center apart from every other independent medical examiner in the Camp Hill, Carlisle, Harrisburg and Sunbury region.

Contact The IME Care Center for More Information on Medical Depositions

When you need expert medical testimony for an upcoming deposition, request an appointment at The IME Care Center. Our Board-certified physicians and certified healthcare professionals can help you litigate your case and achieve a successful outcome.

For more information about our independent medical consultation services, or for professional medical testimony, contact The IME Care Center today to speak to an expert!